The Aegean Sea and Eastern Mediterranean history date to about 4000 BCE. Ever since, many civilizations had a huge impact on culture, trade, natural sciences and especially the milestones of democracy. With all this abundant nature and prosperity, the race between states for having a leading role in both sea and land was inevitable. From 4000 BCE to 21st century the purpose of having control has been and will continue for this superb region.

From reciprocate economy to the modern economy, from elegant empires to modern countries Aegean has been a unique place for innovation, philosophy and modernity. Nowadays Aegean and Eastern Mediterranean become a conspicuous place with its location for the Middle East and with its predicted energy resources. Turkey and Greece are the major controllers of the region; however, we cannot underestimate the influence of the United States of America, United Kingdom and Russia.

With all keynotes and background, in MUNBU 2019 we will discuss and decide upon the conflicts and we will be the leaders of today and the influencers of tomorrow. We will focus on diplomacy and negotiation with certain realities and we will negotiate as elegant as today’s leaders to improve our essential prerequisites to understand why diplomacy is not just a word and why Aegean region is so important for our future. furthermore, with exclusive preparations for delegates, we will learn the importance of energy resources and its control over the economy within both domestic and external relations.

In conclusion, to know and to achieve knowledge is the basic to fulfil our goals. After being a part of this prestigious conference by being a part of this JCC. We do believe with the help of our both organizational and academic team, we will learn how to be the shapers of the modern world and frankly to be the leader of tomorrow.

USG: İlker GÜL

Academic Assistant: Yener DEĞİRMENCİ

Number of Delegates: 18