The North Atlantic Treaty Organization was formed in 1949. Historically, the alliance was viewed as a military bloc by the public and many researchers. But like any other international organization, it is a diplomatic agreement that bonds each of its member states together, both in peace and in times of crisis. For the first time in the history of MUNs in Turkey, Model United Nations of Bilkent University will simulate two different NATO committees, allowing delegates to have an unforgettable experience by challenging them through the complexity of civil-military affairs.

The North Atlantic Committee as the highest political body of NATO will play a political role whereas the Military Committee will be tasked to translate political guidance of NAC into military directives. By doing this, at each NATO committee, the delegates are required to reach a consensus before reaching to any legal agreement. Throughout the conference, “interoperability” and “coordination” are the key words for these two committees. Hence the expression, the flow of information and cooperation will be at the highest level between MC and NAC until the end of the very last session.


1. NATO: North Atlantic Council (NAC)

2. NATO: Military Committee (MC)


Agenda Item: Open Agenda


Under Secretaries-General: Ercan Emre Çelik-Abdülkadir Pir
Academic Assistants: İpek Eral- Berkay Aydın- Yener Değirmenci

Committee Directors:




Alper Durukan:


Yener Değirmenci:




Umut Berkay Tetik:


Barış İzzet Sarıahmet: