The International Court of Justice was established as a primly judicial branch of the United Nations
because of settling legal disputes submitted to it by states and providing advisory options on legal
questions to authorized international branches, agencies and the United Nations General
Assembly. After the establishment in 1945 according to UN Charter, the court began work in 1946
as a part of the Permanent Court of International Justice. The Court covers the wide range of
judicial activity with it’s workload.

International Court of Justice located in the Peace Palace in The Hague, Netherlands. The ICJ
composed of 15 judges elected for 9 years by UN General Assembly and the UN Security Council
from a list of people who nominated in the Permanent Court of Arbitration.

While the Court deciding cases, it applies international law which mentioned in Article 38 of the ICJ
Statute in terms of applying international conventions, international customs and general principles
of law recognized by civilized nations. Also, court may receive support while interpreting law from
academic writings of high qualified publicist of various nations and previous judicial decisions
although the court is not bound with previous decisions under the doctrine of stare decisis which
mentioned in Article 59.


Agenda Item: Germany v. Italy- Greece Intervening


Under Secretary-General: Merve Nur Köroğlu