The Geneva Peace Talks Committee will be simulated at MUNBU 2018 to draw attention
to the issues that are being faced throughout the Syrian Civil war which has started with “The
Day of Rage” on the 15th of March 2011. This led to violent actions taken by the Syrian
Government and the events kept on escalating in the year 2011 which marked the very beginning
of the current turmoil in Syria. The first Geneva Peace Talks on Syria convened on the 30th of
June 2012 also referred to as Geneva I which was instituted by the United Nations Peace Envoy
given to Syria. The second Geneva Peace Talks (Geneva II) was the first of the Geneva talks that
was internationally backed by the United Nations. In doing so, the UN member states took a
historic step at the Organizations goals to suppress and to impede the possible deterioration of
the conflicts that happen and has happened in the Syrian borders. After the Suspension of
Geneva III by the opposition forces of Syria, on February 2017, The Geneva Peace Talks
(Geneva IV) recommenced between the Syrian oppositions forces and the Syrian Government,
under the authority of the United Nations.

The committee will give participants the opportunity to investigate one of the most
challenging topics of the international arena and it aims to create the required atmosphere for
heated yet hopefully fruitful debates to tackle an issue that is not only a political or a strategic
one but also a humanitarian one. Therefore, with a dedicated preparation, the Geneva Peace
Talks Committee will be simulating the discussion amongst different sides with different
interests and views but only aimed at one thing: To reconcile, and to make peace.

Agenda Item: Open Agenda

Under-Secretaries General: Ali Berk İdil- Batuhan Çam
Academic Assistant: Cem Ege Karaca

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